Shaina Burns - 41 Years Old Had Multiple Strokes & Brain Bleeds on Both Sides of Brain

This is Shaina Burns’ story, as told by her husband.


On August 24th she was transported to the hospital after becoming unresponsive at home.

Scans of her brain showed she had suffered from multiple strokes and brain bleeds on both lobes of her brain and a more severe one deeper in her brain. The amount of damage that was done to her brain is normally seen in victims of a car accident or motorcycle accident after severe head trauma.


She’s only 41 had her COVID Vaccine this isn't supposed to be happening to someone her age.


Her brain was extremely swollen. They placed a drain tube to take off some of the pressure and kept her sedated for comfort and in a coma.


From the August 24 until September 9 there was no real change she wasn't getting worse and she wasn't getting any better. Slowly they brought her off the sedation removed the drain tube did a tracheostomy and was able to remove the ventilator tube. She's still not responding to verbal commands or able to open her eyes.


It was very hard to see her and not have her respond or smile at me.


 When the doctor came in she asked Shaina if she wanted to see me so while she was checking her pupil dilation she held open her eyes long enough for me to do another test... Shaina loves my beard and has threatened me with divorce if I ever shaved it off.... I was wearing a mask so you couldn't see my beard so I jokingly told her I had shaved my beard off hoping to get a response. Her eyes started to water and a tear fell from her right eye onto her cheek.... There was no eye movement but  I'd like to think she was crying and upset as bad as it sounds once again hoping for a response of any kind...



September 17, 2021 UPDATE: by Kurtis Burns, Organizer

I wish I had new and positive news to share with everybody. according to the EEG scan that they had done there's little to no activity in the part of the brain that controls consciousness or the ability to wake up. I've been speaking with the doctors and nurses about palliative care. the quality of life that she would have if and when she would wake up would not be one that she would be happy with. they say even if she wants to wake up there's been so much damage to her brain that she would live in a nursing care facility for the rest of her life that most likely she's lost the ability to do certain things such as taking care of herself and doing simple task such as communicating, brushing her hair following things with her eyes and forming words. The damage was that severe from the multiple brain bleeds and The strokes that occurred to the front side of her brain stem.

September 29th, 2021 - Shaina passed away according to her obituary.


October 12, 2021 by Kurtis Burns, Organizer

I can't thank everyone enough for all the help and prayers that have been sent to our family. Shainas passing has left a huge void in many lives and in our home. I know she is watching over us all.