Molly Bynum - Severe Adverse Reaction to 1st Moderna dose after 8 days

"On August 22nd I got my first dose of the vaccine and eight days later on August 30th my life flipped upside down."



From the beginning I have gone back and forth trying to decide if I should share this because honestly the last thing the world needs is more negativity and division. However, I have decided I feel that making informed decisions is the most important thing in the world. Please don’t let what has happened to me scare you out of doing what may be best for you or talk you into something that you don’t want to do. Instead let my story be the reason that you become a person that helps the world start moving in the right direction.


Before I go on any further, please know that I have many dear heroes that work in healthcare. I personally know people who have almost died, have died, or people who have lost loved ones from COVID. My family and I have had COVID and I have also received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine because after only being advised to do so, I felt that it was whole-heartedly the best thing to do for me, my loved ones, my community and the world.


On August 22nd I got my first dose of the vaccine and eight days later on August 30th my life flipped upside down. After a day long episode of exhaustion, weakness, and confusion I collapsed at home. When I tried to stand up, I realized that I was experiencing paralysis in my arms, torso and everywhere else from my waist down. I also had tremors and was experiencing stroke-like symptoms such as loss of memory and my fine motor skills, brain fog, and speech delay. I spent the next several days in the hospital where multiple tests and scans were performed. All of those tests came back perfectly normal. I was finally discharged with no confirmed diagnosis or promising treatment plan, but certainty that what I was experiencing was a heightened immune response- one that can be seen with things like vaccines.


I am sure you are wondering about my past medical history pertaining to an autoimmune thyroid disorder, but please let me be clear that my medical history of Hashimoto’s and thyroid disease was never recognized as an indication that I should not receive the vaccine. Before the vaccine my health was in great standing. I had never felt healthier, really, but in my mind it seemed that there had to be a greater risk for something to go wrong with me if I got the vaccine because I had an autoimmune disorder and natural immunity because I had COVID, but I was only advised to get the vaccine by so many healthcare professionals that I had addressed these concerns to over the course of many months. Obviously now there is the question if I should have got it, but unfortunately the answer was unable to come soon enough. Understandably so, in a time of crisis there just isn’t a lot of time to figure everything out before in one way or another it is too late for someone.


Currently we aren’t sure what my prognosis is. Over the last 9 weeks I have relearned to walk although it is far from a normal walk. Longer distances still require the help of a wheelchair, walker, or a support person. I experience still experience tremors almost daily and other involuntary movements. I am always completely exhausted and feel confused and lost when it comes to thinking clearly and being able to do every-day tasks because of the brain fog. My speech is still effected at times and I my heart rate and blood pressure are inconsistent. I am under the care of my primary care doctor and finally a cardiologist, and neurologist after 6 weeks of practically begging for help. I have PT/OT appointments arranged and will begin those therapies soon. My doctors are unsure, but hope that I will heal over time. This is new water and there is so much that is unknown when it comes to healing.


Since being injured I have connected with many people who are also injured and was lead to explore the option of receiving regenerative medicine treatments, and other natural healing methods which I have decided are the best option for me after researching these methods and talking to other injured people who have seen successful and positive results from them. I have my first regenerative medicine treatment scheduled for November 5th and am feeling very hopeful that it will help so much. While I have accumulated so many medical expenses already and these treatments are costly, my village and I feel that if these treatments can be the reason that I heal then they really are priceless.


So far in my journey I have come to these two conclusions. First, I want to live in a world where we are able to easily make the best decisions. I want to live in a world where strong people are working together on all levels to take care of one another and make the world a better place. One person at a time, I know we can get there by combining our knowledge together and putting in the work. Secondly, I have been reassured that I genuinely still believe in medical freedom and know that when it comes to a person’s physical and mental health those things are not a one size fits all matter.


I choose to see my weaknesses as my strengths and believe that through tough times a person can become wiser and stronger if they choose that path. That is the path I have chosen and want to respectively share my journey in hopes that by doing so I get to be part of the reason why concerns are addressed differently than they have been in the past. And again, the world gets back to being a better place. I hope that you choose not to make this vaccine injury a negative thing. Negativity is not conducive to staying healthy or healing and I along with the rest of the world have a long long way to go and no time to waste.


I truly love you whether you choose to be vaccinated or not. I just believe in medical freedom and keeping everyone in the world healthy as a whole.


I sincerely appreciate any and every donation to help offset my medical expenses. No donation amount is too small. Also, please feel free to share my story. It is just important to me that my voice can be a testimony that the way things are being gone about is not ok.


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All my love, Molly