Jose Manriquez - 34 Year Old Denver Police Officer has Severe Adverse Reactions After 1st Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Jose Manriquez is a 7 year veteran of The Denver Police Department and a 12 year veteran of the Army National Guard but his most important job is taking care of his 4 children and being a loving husband, son, brother and uncle.


Jose was given the mandatory COVID vaccine required by the City of Denver. The mandatory mandate stated either get the vaccine or face termination from the job he loves so much! He received the mandatory vaccine on August 22, 2021 and immediately started having a bad reaction.


Since receiving the vaccine he has not been able to return to work and his future is uncertain as we do not know how long his road to recovery will be.


As the sole income provider for his family of 6. He was very involved with all of his children's sports and activities. After receiving his vaccine my brother has developed severe tremors, he has trouble sleeping due to the amount of pain in his legs , he can't walk without the worry of falling due to his legs giving out and has actually fallen a number of times.


October 29, 2021 UPDATE: The morning of October 8th Jose had a routine check up scheduled with his doctor. That day his wife noticed that Jose had been acting strange but did not say anything. Once Jose arrived at the doctor he began to experience weakness on the right side of his body, he started to have blurred vision, was showing confusion, had high blood pressure, was experiencing head ache and lost his ability to speak. His doctor took notice and was concerned as all of these are signs of a stroke and her had to get Jose rushed to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, which is known for ranking amount the best hospitals in the United States. After about getting and MRI done there were no signs of a big stroke but the doctors did conclude that there was evidence to show that he had suffered a mini stroke which does not show up on an MRI. He did actually have and obstruction in his brain that he was able to pass. Thankfully after what was thought to be a routine checkup and hospital stay Jose was released back home on October 9th.


Then to add insult to injury Jose received a letter on October 15th stating that his pay for benefits were being stopped due to the fact that his doctor will not issue a diagnosis.


So now Jose is not getting any sort of financial assistance thru his employer. He is actually having to use is sick leave which is less than 2 months and after that Jose will not be receiving any sort of income. His medical is still in place but he will not be getting any sort of wages.


This is what we were afraid of. With all that is happening TO HIM because of a decision that was made FOR HIM so that he could continue to provide for his family he is now not being protected when he has protected so many. Please help us continue to our goal to ensure Jose and his family can focus and his healing!


OCTOBER 11, 2021 UPDATE: Officer Manriquez was hospitalized after experiencing symptoms of a stroke. Attorney Randy Corporon sent out an email update to Gateway Pundit. Here’s an excerpt:


 I just hung up with Jose and he has authorized me to share this information.  He believes sharing his story is more important than his medical privacy.


I am uncertain about exact times but, of course, will get medical records and documentation as we move forward.

I believe it was Friday, while at a doctor’s appointment, that Jose experienced symptoms of a stroke, loss of speech, loss of mental clarity, numbness, unsteadiness, etc.  He was hospitalized and kept overnight.  Testing did NOT verify a stroke but, as a result, instead of being told that he can schedule with a neurologist in 6 months or so, they are scheduling him with a neurologist to be seen tomorrow.  We will know the time when they call tomorrow.

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