Emilio - Died of Cardiac Arrest 2 Months After the Pfizer COVID Vaccine


Emilio's story, shared by his friend Techi:


On September 9th, 2021, My best friend Emilio took the Pfizer Vaccine.

That same day he went home with shivers and cold sweats that lasted him a full week.

Then he started getting other symptoms like swollen testicles and couldn’t pee,was retaining water.  He also kept having diarrhea and felt completely out of it.  Didnt even have energy to eat,too fatigued.

After two months of trying to get better and being forced to stay home in bed he got a massive chest pain that made him call an ambulance. At the hospital they advised he had brain lesions and his immune system was completely compromised because his white blood cells were extremely low.


Two weeks later on November 11,2021 at 9:30 a.m he died of a cardiac arrest.

Emilio will be gravely missed and was known for his love of travel and adventure. He was full of happiness and he was the life of the party! His friends said he was their best drinking buddy. Tonight have a drink and do it in honor of this young beautiful life that was lost. You will be remembered. Keep him and his family as well as his best fiends in your prayers. ❤️🙏


Emilio is reunited with his mom, who died when he was just a small boy. 



Emilio: "This was the worst mistake I've ever made.  My biggest regret."


(This story was shared online 1/14/22.  The dates in the image below were a mistake, Emilio took the vaccine 9/9/21, and passed away of Cardiac Arrest 11/11/21.)