Delilah Belle - Daughter Of Hollywood Actors Opens Up About Her Health Problems Triggered By COVID-19 Vaccine


Delilah Belle , the daughter of Hollywood actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin opened up about her secret health battle in a nearly 30-minute video posted to her Instagram page on November 2nd, 2021.


The 23-year-old model told her 1.6 million followers that she’s been going through a litany of medical issues over the past year and that the COVID-19 vaccine may have caused a number of autoimmune diseases in her body to “flare-up.”


 I Was Ask Not To Tell My Story 


Shortly after getting her second Moderna shot, she said she started getting bad panic attacks – explaining they were unlike anything she’s ever had before.


 So this is scary to do because I was actually asked not to tell my story by someone close to me. Basically in the beginning of the year, I want to say February and March, is when I got my COVID-19 vaccine. And in no way am I saying I’m an anti-Vaxxer because I’m totally not. I just didn’t know enough about it. No one did. I didn’t realize that the vaccine would cause an autoimmune response in my body that basically flared up and triggered certain autoimmune diseases that I didn’t know I had. 


Her full video is below.